Unforgettable - Special reserve of Ankarana

As you step into the Special Nature Reserve of Ankarana, prepare to find yourself immersed in an extraordinary environment. Situated along the RN6 main road, 100km from Diégo, this protected area is famous for its extraordinary caves, carved out by networks of underground waterways. Once inside, you will discover Africa's longest network of underground caves. Take your time to appreciate this breathtaking sight.
Magnificent royal tombs nestling inside some of the caves add to the fascination of the spot and sacred places of worship where the local population comes to lay offerings will increase your curiosity; a captivating experience, which will be repeated as you wander through the reserve. With its 16 eco-tourist circuits, the caves are only one aspect of the attractions of Ankarana. Just like the famous grey ‘Tsingy’, (rocky sandstone formations), which will leave you totally stunned, it is the second area in Madagascar (after the National Park of Bemaraha) where it is possible to admire these needle-shaped sandstone formations. Enhanced for visitors by a suspended rope-bridge and stretching over 35km, these vestiges are proof of the presence of the sea here 100 million years ago, forming a magnificent landscape, worthy of picture postcards.
This ‘incredible but true’ site is also a cradle of exceptional endemic biodiversity: over 300 species of plants, several species of lemurs, birds, chameleons, bats and even ‘fosa’ (an endemic cat-like mammal), as well as
crocodiles. As you have undoubtedly realised, Ankarana is one of Madagascar's exceptional and very popular destinations.
This article was featured in Prime Magazine July 2019 

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