Search the ruins of Camp d'Orangea in Diégo Suarez

Orangea, this paradise site of Diégo-Suarez housed in the 19th century the "port aux Boutres" or "Port des Arabes" or "Port des Antalaotra". These Islamic seafarers from Mayotte or Zanzibar, who mastered the Swahili dialect, supplied the people of the north of the island with manufactured goods and weapons. They also sometimes traded slaves.
France installed in several places in Orangea, military devices to prevent enemy ships from crossing the pass of Diego Suarez. If you are passionate about old military equipment, you will find in the camp of Orangea the batteries of the French army put in place between 1892 by the naturalist Kergovatz, the Colonel of the navy Piel in 1894 and by General Joffre in 1900.
These fortifications shelter canons dating from that time. To cite only the battery of Cap Miné, you will find there 320 mm guns and a casemate. Ruins of the camp, military barracks, underground ammunition store of the lighthouse battery, the Ankorika radio station are still visible.
The site of Orangea, with its 3 km of beach and its crystalline waters, remains a place of vacation in need of disorientation. It is not for nothing if this place bears the name "Nose of sand". In the villages, meet the local population. Do not miss the cave of guinea fowl.
This article was featured in Prime Magazine August 2017

Useful Information

When to go

The climate of Diégo Suarez is softened by the sea air (Alizé or Varatraza). The ideal time to stay in the capital of the North is between April and October. At these times, the temperature does not exceed 26°C and does not drop below 25°C.

How to get there

From the city of Diégo Suarez, take a taxi or a taxi-bush to Ramena, the most popular seaside resort of the city. The Orangea camp is a 10-minute walk (about 1 km) on the road to the Three Bays. Have a guide accompany you.

Where to stay

For your accommodation, the best for you would be to stay at the Hotel Lakana Ramena Madagascar. However, you can book your rooms in the city. The Grand Hotel Diego, The Allamanda Hotel will be honored to be your host. The Hotel Cap Diégo is also the addresses that you must remember.

Where to eat

Dining options include seafood dishes at restaurants in Ramena. If you prefer to go into town, book your table in the restaurant "Romazava" of the Central Hotel. You also have the possibility to eat at the restaurant of your hotel.

What to see

Visiting Camp Orangea? You are already on the way to the Three Bays. The reserve of Ankarana is a must. Embark aboard a fast boat in Ramena and head to the Emerald Sea.