Enjoy the Malagasy Dolce Vita in Nosy Saba

Located in the UNESCO marine biosphere reserve of Sahamalaza, about 100 km south of Nosy Be, accessible by boat and private plane, is Nosy Saba which means "Life is sweet". This 130 hectare island naturally offers everything that nature and sea lovers can expect.
Nosy Saba is a stop off location for men, especially for fishermen in canoes, surprised by the night or the wind, but also for green turtles who frequent the beaches to reproduce safely. The permanent inhabitants are lemurs, birds and chameleons as well as dolphins and whales who come regularly to welcome at sea.
The island has 2 types of coral reefs, 3 types of ecosystems, and a large expanse of seagrass beds under investigation for the existence of DUGONG: an endangered marine mammal.
Nosy Saba is covered with 10 hectares of primary forest that contains rare and endemic species: lemurs,
very large fruit bats, geckos, wild parakeets ... Trees intermingled with vines, huge tree ferns, lush vegetation make this place a magical place.



The landscape of the island is composed of small valleys and large hills that one can discover, at the turn of the winding paths, very varied landscapes. At the highest peak is the "Hazomanga" legendary place of Nosy Saba from which one enjoys a breathtaking view.
Nosy Saba is distinguished by space, authenticity, calm and communion with nature. This is the luxury of a private island in a region that remains one of the secret jewels of our planet.
This article was featured in Prime Magazine December 2017

Useful Information

When to go

The climate is tropical, hot all year long, with a rainy season from December to March. To make the most of Nosy Saba, it is best to go from April to November.

How to get there

By private plane, or by boat from Nosy Be or Antsohihy.

Where to stay

In the Eco-Lodge and its luxurious "Suites" junior or senior, designed in harmony with nature, all facing the large turquoise blue lagoon with direct access to a long white sand beach.

Where to eat

The Eco-Lodge has two restaurants offering European specialities, including Italian and Malagasy. Not to mention the fish and seafood freshly caught, served on the beach at night with the Milky Way as the only spectator.

What to see

Choose between the many sandy beaches, the Olympic-sized swimming pool or the Spa. Play golf on an excellent driving range of 350 metres, jogging, walk, bike, beach volleyball or archery. Practice windsurfing, dinghy, water skiing. Go for a fishing trip or an excursion to discover the Radama Islands, Sahamalaza National Park or Nosy Lava and its former galleys.