The Nosy Hara National Park: an unforgettable, authentic discovery

Nosy Hara is an island located north-west of Madagascar, in the DIANA Region. It is best known as a marine park and considered by visitors to be a true paradise. All islands of the Nosy Hara archipelago are made of limestone, called Tsingy.
The tour of the islets allows you to appreciate the beauty of the karst cliff walls rising-up in the middle of the sea. Such a view, when exploring the Nosy Hara National Park by sea, might make you feel like Christopher Columbus.
Once in the open sea, scuba diving enthusiasts will have access to the treasures, jealously guarded by the beautiful coral reefs, of the Mozambique Channel. For the lucky ones, meeting sea turtles, including green turtles and hawksbill turtles, will be part of the day's programme.
Although this park is renowned for its marine wealth, the dry land is similarly exceptional. There are three kilometres of the famous "Tsingy" to explore. Meanwhile pachypodium forests, canyon forests, a dry lake, fishing caves and the sea eagle, one of the seven rarest raptors in the world, await your visit.
If you prefer a shorter tour, the Brookesia micra circuit is designed for you. Via a 700 metre route you will discover one of the emblematic species of the park: the smallest chameleon in the world. The beautiful panoramic view of the Amber Mountain completes this unforgettable and authentic adventure.
This article was featured in Prime Magazine August 2018

Useful Information

When to go

It is advisable to plan a visit to the Nosy Hara National Park between April and December, that is to say out of the rainy season.

How to get there

From Diego-Suarez or Antsiranana, take the road towards Cap d'Ambre, pass through the villages of Namaki before arriving at Ampasindava, in total a journey of between 30 minutes and an hour by an all-terrain vehicle. Once at the pier, take a traditional boat to reach your destination and plan an hour and a half for the crossing.

Where to stay

To better adapt to the natural environment, we propose a rustic accommodation. You can sleep at a camp on the private island of Andatsara, an arrangement which includes tents, kitchen area, toilets, showers or at the "Jungle Lodge". Otherwise you can book your room in Diégo at one of the following hotels: Mantasaly Ecolodge, Royal Sakalava, Badamera Park, Hotel Lakana,or The Manguier in Ramena.

Where to eat

The Jungle Park, located in the heart of the Parrot Valley, serves traditional dishes and international specialties. Picnicking is also a good option. When in Diégo, choose "The Bay of Sakalava".

What to see

Beyond the marine and terrestrial discoveries of the park, there is the possibility of rock climbing. Rope rental on site.