Nosy Fanihy is a charming little island lying to the north of Nosy Be. Apart from being uninhabited and receiving few visitors, the pristine picture-postcard scenery adds to the striking nature of the site. On the beautiful white sandy beach, where corals and seashells have washed up along the shore, the transparent waters of the lagoon give a vision of an exceptionally colourful sea-bed inviting you in to go
snorkelling. The lemurs and the fish-eagles also add to this enchantingly natural environment.
Completing the Robinson Crusoe side of your visit, traditional fishing is the ideal activity, followed by a barbecue of freshly-caught fish on the beach.
You should know, however, that Nosy Fanihy has a sacred site, that of the tomb of a Sakalava king named Binao. It was during his reign that Madagascar became a French colony. The Sakalava of Bemihisatra are the dominant ethnic group of the region and they attach great importance to the worship of their ancestors. It is therefore important to know about what is permitted and what is taboo.
This article was featured in Prime Magazine September 2019

Useful Information

When to go

Even the weather seems to be in favour of your having an unforgettable trip. A very pleasant climate all year round will ensure you can take full advantage of your visit, however long you decide to stay.

How to get there

Fly to Nosy Be with Air Madagascar / Tsaradia. Situated in the north-west of Madagascar, to visit Nosy Fanihy, take a simple traditional sailing boat from Nosy Be.

Where to stay

Three hotels organise trips to Nosy Fanihy from Nosy Be : the Domaine hôtelier d’Anjiamarango, the apartment hotel Home The Residence and the Andilana Beach. All three are absolutely charming and offer top quality services.

Where to eat

If you go on a trip, a chef can be organised on the island to prepare your meal of grilled fish, rice cooked in coconut milk and the fruits of the season: a delicious simple menu in keeping with the surroundings. Otherwise, the spot is perfect for picnics.

What to see

Not far from Nosy Fanihy, the island of Nosy Iranja is also waiting to be discovered. Surrounded by crystal clear waters, ideal for diving, the island has lush tropical vegetation and a white sandy beach, with coloured seashells and corals. Off the west coast of Nosy Be, you should also explore Nosy Sakatia. A stroll between the charming fishing villages, coves and vast stretches of beach on this little island promises unforgettable encounters, notably with chameleons and lemurs.