A save Haven - Maroantsetra

Under the reign of the King Radama I, villagers would use assegai blades (javelins) to mark the entrance to their territory. As a result, their enemies turned back each time they tried to invade. This element of culture has always been an object of respect, still actively preserved. Visitors will feel safe throughout their stay in this green urban environment.
Maroantsetra boasts a large number of precious infrastructures. These include the traditional shipyard, where visitors can watch Malagasy craftsmen, using local materials, at work. You can also have direct experience of the preparation and weaving of Malagasy vanilla, highly appreciated for its quality and exported all over the world.
The warm and friendly atmosphere of Maroantsetra is without doubt one of its attractions, as is the sweeping view over the Bay of Antongil. A busy crossroads for tourist circuits in the surrounding region, the town exudes the joy resulting from the constant coming and going of visitors from all over the world, who have come to discover the area’s breathtaking sites of exceptional beauty. To add to the list of spots to be discovered, there is the waterfall of Vodiarana and the lake of Mahevarano, just a few kilometres from the town.
Thanks to its geographical location, visiting the town is extremely simple. This heavenly spot lies 100km to the north of the town of Mananara. It can also be reached from the town of Tamatave.
This Article was featured in Prime Magazine June 2019

Useful Information

When to go

Maroantsetra is Madagascar's wettest town, and very hot virtually all the year round. To enjoy a pleasant stay in the town, it is best to visit between May and October.

How to get there

The best way to get to Maroantsetra is to take an Air Madagascar/Tsaradia flight from Antananarivo. You can also get there by boat from Tamatave. Alternatively, there are travel agencies that offer longer round trips between Antananarivo and Maroantsetra, in 4x4 vehicles with stopovers.

Where to stay

For a truly unforgettable stay, we recommend the Hotel Masoala Resort, which has original modern bungalows set around a swimming pool in a natural setting. Looking out over the Bay of Baly, they present wonderful views. You can also stay at the Coco Beach, relaxing on the banks of the river not far from the town centre.

Where to eat

Take advantage of your stay to stop off at the restaurant of the Masoala Resort, where you can sip their delicious cocktails and enjoy their copious dishes, prepared using local products.

What to see

The attractions to be visited are absolutely exceptional. You can enjoy watching the local craftsmen at work as they construct traditional Malagasy boats, using simple makeshift tools. Also, make sure you take some time to observe the preparation and weaving of local vanilla.