A Voyage Through Time - Foulpointe

Though Foulpointe is mainly known for its beautiful beach with its soft sand, undulating dunes, transparent sea and absence of waves thanks to the presence of the coral reef, a visit to the town will also delight anyone interested in the past, offering a voyage through time. Here, you will find yourself steeped in the history of the 19th century.
One kilometre to the north-west of the town, you will come across vestiges of this past: Fort Manda, constructed with the aim of protecting the east coast of Madagascar from naval attacks. Built by the British, the name of ‘Mandan’i Foulpointe’ expresses the strategic interest of the fort: Manda means ‘fort’. The six-metre-high wall with its 70m perimeter was constructed using coral powder and stone, with egg whites as a binder, a material extremely resistant to bad weather and an ideal substitute for cement. Just imagine the number of eggs used to construct this circular wall.
At the time, it housed the barracks of the royal army, the residence of the Merina governor, the officers’ accommodation, as well as the weapons' store. Twenty-five thousand soldiers of the Royal Army were posted here permanently. The cannons, manufactured by Jean Laborde, the staircases and the secret passages can still be seen today. So, are you ready to come and spend a weekend in this true maze?
This article was featured in Prime Magazine April 2019





Useful Information

When to go

The climate of Foulpointe is tropical hot and humid, with high precipitation. The best period to visit is between August and October, sometimes until November. However, this destination attracts a large number of visitors during the Easter weekend and at Christmas and the New Year.

How to get there

Foulpointe or Mahavelona (‘where the town awakes once more’) lies 60km from Toamasina, along the RN5 main road. You can take an Air Madagascar/ Tsaradia flight to Toamasina from the capital and carry on by car from the airport of Ambalamanasy. By road, it is a 410km drive from Antananarivo to Foulpointe.

Where to stay

Azura Resort Golf & Spa will give you a warm welcome, professional service and an all-inclusive package, making your stay at Foulpointe absolutely unforgettable. The hotel Le Lagon or the Manda Beach also offer comfortable accommodation.

Where to eat

The east of Madagascar is well known for its seafood specialities. You can take your meals at the restaurant of your hotel or try out local dishes from other restaurants in the area.

What to see

From the top of the fortress wall, the view over the Indian Ocean is absolutely stunning. Take advantage of your stay at Foulpointe to go for a boat ride, an excursion through the forest of Analalava, or play a session of golf. On the beach, you will be offered various services such as a massage, hair braiding or face make up using masonjoany (a natural mask).