Visit the « Doany of Andriamisara », the birthplace of the Sakalava culture

On your next vacation in Madagascar, take the opportunity to visit Majunga and see the “Doany of Andriamisara”, a site imbued with history and tightly associated with the Sakalava culture.
The “Doany of Ramananarivo” – also called “Doany of Andriamisara” – is a sacred place for the Sakalava people of Boeny. It is dedicated to ancestor worship. What makes this place – which is located in Tsararano Avaratra in Majunga – a sacred site is the presence of relics which include jewelry, nails, mustaches and bones of the “Dady”, the four great kings who reigned in this region, namely Andriamandisoarivo, Andriamisara, Andrianamboniarivo and Andriamihanina.

This site plays a key role in the culture of the Sakalava. Every July, the Doany hosts the Fanompoambe. This event gathers all the Sakalava and other ethnic groups of the island. It is an occasion for the descendants of the Sakalava kings to pay tribute to their royal ancestors and to perpetuate the tradition of the washing of royal relics. The ceremony, which lasts one week, takes place in two different places: the descendants of the royal family have access to the Zombabe, whearas the public celebrates the event outside. The Fanompoambe is very festive. It is celebrated with fast-paced music, songs called Antsa and traditional dances.

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Useful Information

When to go

With a tropical climate, Majunga benefits from a long sunny period. The ideal time to visit is between May and October, when the average temperature is 27°C. During this period, the hot temperatures are bearable and the rainfalls are less important.

How to get there

Located at 560 km from Antananarivo, Majunga can be reached via several taxi brousse lines that depart from the taxi brousse terminal in Ambodivona (Antananarivo). If a car ride on a relatively long journey does not seem appealing to you, you can take a plane. Regular flights from Antananarivo connect the capital city to the capital of Boeny.

Where to stay

Majunga is a very famous tourist destination. Besides enjoying its beautiful beaches – including the Cirque Rouge – you can also go for a picnic at the Reniala eco-park or visit the Natianal Park of Ankarafantsika. The Sacred Lake is also an interesting site to discover.

Where to eat

The city offers a large choice of accommodation facilities. Depending on your convenience requirements, you can book a hotel room in places such as the Hôtel Coco Lodge, Karibu Hotel, Antsanitia Resort, Hotel Tropicana, Les Roches Rouges, Sunny Hotel, Anjary Hotel and Salama Hotel.

What to see

Most of the hotels offer restaurant service. You can also order your meals at the following places (which are located downtown): Chez Madame Chabaud, L’île De Beauté, Restaurant Thi Lan, Barbacchus and La Petite Cour.