Refresh yourself at the Cascade of the Good Fathers

Since the waterfall was discovered by priests, it was named the "Cascade of Good Fathers". It is one of the most beautiful waterfalls on the Big Island, with a difference in altitude of more than 80 metres shaped like a succession of natural bathtubs. Do not hesitate to bathe here. No wonder it is one of the most visited sites in the northern part of Madagascar.
The route that leads to the waterfall runs along the Sambirano River and allows you to discover the Upper Sambirano, one of the agro-economic centres of the region. Huge cocoa plantations, rice fields and small villages with a water tower can also be seen here.
Also notice the organization of life by the villagers of Ambobaka and the green landscapes of the mountains and banks of the river. Ambobaka has a reputation as the mecca of traditional medicine. A number of healers practise the ancestral knowledge which combines natural plants and massages (the medicinal garden also deserves a visit). In the afternoon, return to the route via the Ambanja Bridge and admire the beautiful twilight setting on the Sambirano River.

This article was featured in Prime Magazine August 2018

Useful Information

When to go

Preferably between May and December. The climate will be more moderate, the rainfall less abundant, which results in better road conditions.

How to get there

Start your adventure from the capital by driving on the RN7 while enjoying the wonderful landscapes. Or take a regular flight by Air Madagascar to Nosy Be and drive from there to Ambanja.

Where to stay

The Hotel "Palma Nova" offers various air-conditioned rooms for relaxing before and after your trip and, also, family atmosphere and traditional music. Alternatively, in consideration of the ecosystem in the valley of Sambirano, opt for a delightful eco- lodging. The "Mitsinjo" panoramic hostel in Andranomandevy will give you a very warm welcome.

Where to eat

Take a taste journey in the Sambirano Valley, via local flavours made from fresh local produce and served in several hotel restaurants.

What to see

Meet the friendly people of Andranomandevy. On the agenda might be cocoa production, a hot spring with therapeutic qualities, a bird sanctuary and the village of Antanambao, located near the calm and limpid river of Ambahatra.