Discover the Integrated Betampona Natural Reserve

Located at the East coast of Madagascar, about 45 km North-west of Toamasina in the district of Toamasina II, the Betampona Integrated Nature Reserve was created, as the first reservation of the country on December 30, 1927. Covering an area of 2,228 hectares, it lies between the rural towns of Ambodiriana and Sahambala, containing the last remnant of natural forests in the Atsinanana region. This Low Elevation Moist Dense Forest, 270 to 590 meters high, is the habitat of a rich and exceptional flora and fauna.
The Reserve is home to more than 10 lemur species, including Indri Indri and Propithecus Diadema – both on the IUCN Red List, several bird species including rare and valued species such as Oriolia Bernieri, Brachypteracias sp. Betampona and is also one of the few places in the country where the mongoose Salanoia Concolor is frequently seen.
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Useful Information

When to go

The climate in and around the Reserve is hot and humid, which is characteristic for the East of Madagascar: the average annual temperature is 24° C, and the average annual rainfall is 2,200 mm.

How to get there

Those starting from the capital Antananarivo, take the RN2 to Toamasina, then continue on the RN5. Before crossing the Ivoloina bridge, take the left fork (RIP) and drive about 20 km to Nosibe. As the bridge there is closed (since the early 2000s), you have to cross by canoe. Thereafter take a bush taxi to Fontsimavo, a trip of about 12 km. From there, it takes about 4 km to reach Rendrirendry, a research station (managed by MFFG) which is the gateway to the Reserve. Alternatively take a regular flight by Compagnie Nationale to Toamasina and proceed ditto for the rest.

Where to stay

A multitude of hotels with different ranges of prices is available in Toamasina, among others there are: H1 Hotel, Victoria Beach Hotel, Joffre Hotel, Sunny Golf Hotel, Java Hotel, Ocean 501, Vatosoa Hotel, Granite, Royal, Splendide Hotel, Hotel Melville, Sharon Hotel, Hotel Generation, etc ...

Where to eat

The majority of the hotels above offer a wide variety of menus ranging from local menues to European, Chinese and other specialties. There are also more modest establishments that offer typically Malagasy or varied dishes such as Super Taste, La Gastro Pizza, Laïda Soup, etc ...

What to see

Given its status as a Natural Reserve, Betampona is only accessible to researchers who have a valid research permit and have made the obligatory payment required by law to the General Management of MNP.