Ankadimanga: The former stronghold of Princess Ramiangaly

Visiting this site located in the region of Analamanga is interesting two ways: firstly for its more than charming landscapes and secondly for its history related to the princess Ramiangaly, 7th wife of King Andrianampoinimerina, ruler of Imerina from 1787 to 1810.
The installation of the princess by the great king of Imerina in Ankadimanga marked the change of the name of Manjakandriana ("the sovereign Suzerain") who was previously called Analanakondro or Ambodiakondro in reference to banana plantations (akondro means "banana"). The village of Ankadimanga where Ramiangaly resided was fortified and surrounded by deep moats. The Queen's Tomb, the ancient walls and the large Vavahady gate are manifestations of historic past. Last not least, there is the sacred lake of Ankadimanga.
The wife of the great king had the habit of taking a bath in the lake, at the entrance to the village of Ankadimanga. One proverb testifies: "Tsobo-dranon-dRamiangaly, raha marivo idirana fa raha lalina dia ialana" (Before taking a bath, Ramiangaly measures the depth of the water, if it is deep, she abstains). In 1881, at his death, his viscera, sealed in a coffin were deposited in this lake, following the royal funerary traditions. Beware, “fady”, i.e. the prohibition-rules, are to be respected by visiting this lake: no bathing please, also pork and onions are forbidden.
This article was featured in Prime Magazine May 2018

Useful Information

When to go

The visit of this tourist site knows no season. There are more visitors on holidays and on weekends. At working days or in the early hours you might be undisturbed.

How to get there

In direction of Toamasina by the RN2, turn right at Sambaina, after the bridge. Reach Ankadimanga after 5km along the secondary road.

Where to stay

The hotel "Destiny" or the "Klub Sahameva" in Ambohimangakely on the RN2 are recommended. You can also choose the mildness and calmness in an upland countryside and make a detour to Ambatomanga at the hotel "The Family House FI".

Where to eat

The Ampasimbe Café in Ambohimalaza is a casual place, ideal for eating after or before visiting the village of Ankadimanga.

What to see

This destination is perfect for a weekend getaway, with family or friends. Enjoy a landscape of hills and narrow valleys at Ankadimanga. Paths lined with pines and an artificial eucalyptus forest are to be seen. Beyond the lake and the royal tomb, take a look at the traditional houses with their historic architectural style of the Madagascan nineteenth century.