Explore the Anjohibe Caves

Anjohibe, literally meaning huge caves, is the second largest site of this type in Africa and the first in the Indian Ocean. This real cave of Ali Baba is full of natural treasures. Ask for a guide and discover this natural amazing site.
Located about 80 km North of Majunga, the Anjohibe Caves are among key attractions in the Boeny region. With long galleries of several kilometers and large spectacular halls, the site promises an exciting expedition.
The caves of Anjohibe, the largest speleological site on the Big Island, have always attracted researchers. Several teams of scientists have worked there since 1934. We will remember among others, the expedition conducted since 2003 by Dominique Gommery, CNRS France. In 2010, explorers discovered in these galleries bones of dwarf hippopotamus dating from 2500 before JC.
These galleries are adorned with stalactites and stalagmites, limestone concretions about ten meters high. Note that it is the tradition here to leave coins in a small container at the entrance to ask for the blessing because of the visit.
You will also discover extraordinary curiosities in these caves, including many lakes forming natural swimming pools. You will certainly fall under the spell of Lake Andranojoby overlooking a waterfall 20 meters high. The "lake cement", which owes its name to its shoreline, is like pavement, is another attraction apart.
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Useful Information

When to go

Connected to the town of Majunga by a trail of about 60 km, the cave of Anjohibe can only be visited during dry seasons, between April and October.

How to get there

Several bush taxi co-operatives from the Ambodivona bush-taxi station in Antananarivo offer quality transport services to Majunga. From the capital of Boina, take the road of Antananarivo and about twenty kilometers, turn left in direction to the Mahajamba bay . The caves of Anjohibe are just over three hours away.

Where to stay

As far as accommodation is concerned, you will find the best hotels in the city of Majunga, including Hotel Coco Lodge, Antsanitia Resort, and Saara Hotel.

Where to eat

To eat, you have a large choice among several addresses including Chez Papi Râleur, Chez Madame Chabaud and the Maki Beach. You can also order your meals at the restaurant corner of your hotel.

What to see

This region has many sites worth visiting. Thus, the Mahajamba bay with its mangrove expanse will satisfy your thirst for meditation. Stop in the villages along the trail that leads to the Anjohibe Caves. In Mariarano, enjoy the freshness of water at the foot of the Mahafanina Falls (which turn one’s head).