Andrambovato - A View To A Thrill

While descending the cliff, one can admire this long forest corridor, a remnant of a primary forest, in one of the most remarkable and diverse ecosystems on the planet. Literally, the name Andrambovato means "at the foot of the rock". The granite rock is to the right of the village and its summit offers a magnificent view across the region. The place Andrambovato is located at the border between the Haute Matsiatra Region and the Vatovavy Fitovinany Region. The village is also notable for being the 5th station on the railway line linking Fianarantsoa to Manakara (Fianarantsoa - East Coast).
As a starting point for tourist tours, hikers will not be disappointed when discovering the white cliff and its panorama over the whole of the Central-East or when visiting the village of Tanala (people of the Forest) where you can meet with the queen. This getaway into the primary forest of southeast Madagascar provides an opportunity to discover the way of life among the forest people of the "Antanala" ethnic group and to immerse oneself into an area rich in biodiversity as a result of its humid tropical climate.
Leaving Andrambovato station, count three tunnels and look to the right to admire the splendid Mandriampotsy waterfalls, one of Madagascar's most spectacular. Above the track there is a waterfall of 20 metres in height, and below the bridge there is another of the same height. This is a rare and exceptional experience, to be shared with family or friends.
This article was featured in Prime Magazine December 2018

Useful Information

When to go

The climate at Fianarantsoa is temperate and warm, but the south-eastern part is characterized by a humid tropical climate. Therefore, it is not advisable to be there during the hurricane season, from February to April.

How to get there

Use the RN7 to get to Fianarantsoa. You will need 6 hours of driving. Once in the city, you can proceed to Andrambovato by FCE's railway line linking Fianarantsoa to the City of Manakara. Departure every Tuesday and Saturday from Fianarantsoa and return from Manakara on Wednesdays and Sundays.

Where to stay

Chez Andréas for its local specialities, both Malagasy and European. Also try the wild duck or the freshwater fish grown in their own pond at Lac Hôtel. Tsara Guest House, Petite Bouffe or the Golden Dragon are also fine addresses.

Where to eat

A stop-over accommodation with bungalows welcomes visitors. Chez Andréas offers 2 family rooms, 2 double rooms and a camping area for 2 tents. In Fianarantsoa, you can stay at Hotel Soafia, Zomatel, or Soratel.

What to see

Once in the valley of Andrambovato, having crossed through the fields of coffee and banana trees, a walk to the waterfall is a must. It offers a panoramic view of the surrounding villages and forests. Meet the local population and enjoy the local cuisine. While you are in Fianarantsoa, don't forget to pass by the "Viewpoint" and visit the statue of the Blessed Virgin, a historic monument in the old town.