Flirt with nature in Analamazaotra National Park

The Analamazaotra Special Reserve, which has become a National Park since 2015, is a veritable green setting. Let yourself be tempted by the charm of unspoiled nature.
A veritable paradise of endemism, the site will amaze you with its captivating fauna. Each parcel of the reserve is inhabited by rare or endemic specimens. Your visit brings you to meet the biggest lemur in Madagascar, the Indri Indri, the tailed babakoto as well as other species of lemurs: the varika mena, the lemur bamboo or the Sifaka.
Other animal species inhabit the Analamazaotra National Park. You will observe several varieties of frogs, 109 bird species (raptors and freshwater birds). Discover also the Calumma parsonii uroplatus, the biggest chameleon of Madagascar.
The region also owes its reputation to its flora. You will discover in this park plants with therapeutic virtues. You will also have the opportunity to photograph 120 species of endemic orchids and also ferns.
Throughout your visit to Analamazaotra, picturesque scenery, lakes and rivers will fill you with happiness.
This article was featured in Prime Magazine May 2017

Useful Information

When to go

The Analamazaotra Special Reserve is located in a warm and temperate climate. Even though the most precipitous rainfall is recorded in the country, it is possible to go there almost all the year, ideally during the months of May, September and December.

How to get there

By car you can reach the Analamazaotra Park in less than three hours from Antananarivo. If you prefer to go by taxi-brousse, go to the Ampasapito bus station where the main lines serving the town of Moramanga are grouped together. From there, take another car to get to the site.

Where to stay

Where to stay? The main hotels of Moramanga are located along the National Route 2. Among the most recommended addresses are the Hotel Bezanozano, the Tsara Hotel, the Hotel Nadia. Eulophiella and Vakona Forest Lodge are just 20 minutes away from the city center.

Where to eat

You can order your meals at the restaurant of your hotel. You can also go out and enjoy the good restaurants in the town of Moramanga. The Coq d'or restaurant and the Tsarafandray restaurant have a good reputation.

What to see

Enjoy your stay in this part of the island to visit the reserves of Vakona and Mitsinjo. The city center is not lacking in attractions: the Gendarmerie Museum and the market of Moramanga are interesting sites.