Take a detour to Ampitabe Lake

Located about 19km near the town of Brickaville in eastern Madagascar, Lake Ampitabe is one of the lakes that separate the Channel of Pangalanes from the Indian Ocean. The saga that surrounds the place and the nature reserve which borders the lake, make all its charm.
Legend has it that a giant and his two wives, Rasoabe and Rasoamasay, lived in the East. Once the husband was absent, his wives became unfaithful and for revenge, the giant plunged them both into the rice fields of Darafify – which became the two lakes that bear their names, the Lake Rasoabe and the Rasoamasay Lake. They each built a new village at the bottom of the water and lived there with their oxen and their slaves. The rumour goes, that sometimes, when the waters are still, the huts at the bottom of the lake become visible...
At the shores of Lake Ampitabe, one of the Malagasy natural reserves, particularly rich in fauna and flora, is a place to see. This reserve is especially famous for its tame lemurs! Indris (Indri Indri), black and white lemurs (Varecia Variegata), crowned lemurs (Eulemur Coronatus) and black lemurs (Eulemur Macaco), as well as red-bellied lemurs (Eulemur Rubriventer) are the curious inhabitants of the area. Some species have been successfully domesticated by humans, others live their wild life in this area.
This article was featured in Prime Magazine June 2018

Useful Information

When to go

The east coast has a beautiful warm and humid climate all year long. Even during the dry season, some rain falls regularly.

How to get there

Ampitabe Lake is located on a peninsula in the East of Madagascar, about 90 km South of the city of Toamasina (Tamatave). From Toamasina, estimate with 70 km by car on the RN2, which is in pretty good condition. After reaching the small village of Manambato, continue by boat to the reserve.

Where to stay

In addition to the Ampitabe Lake Nature Reserve, stay at the Palmarium Hotel with its well-equipped bungalows (king-size beds and luxury bathrooms). Or at the hotel "Pangalanes Jungle Nofy".

Where to eat

The hotel "Palmarium" provides a good table overlooking the lake and a bar located in the old botanical garden.

What to see

Discover the city of Manambato and the lychee plantations, get to know the villagers. You can also visit other lakes: Lake Rasoabe or Lake Laokagandy.