Crossing through the Ambakivao Mangrove Landscape

Crossing through the Ambakivao Mangrove Landscape

Ambakivao is a small fishing village located between the Tsiribihina River and the Mozambique Channel. It consists of five hamlets or encampments, belonging to the Delta Community, in the Belo / Tsiribihina district, at the Eastern Centre of the Menabe region.

There are about 300 mainly Vezo tribe households that live mainly from sea fishing but also hunt freshwater fishes, shrimps and crabs.

The first inhabitants of this place were a Sakalava named Besabaka and a Vezo, called Gregory. In 1982, the river Tsiribihina or Vavarano formed a new estuary near Nosy maitso, in the same locality, hence the name of Ambakivao: Vavarano vaky vaovao.

Since this environment is calm, your relaxation is assured in this beautiful natural setting. The landscape is mostly made up of mangrove forests, accentuatedby  waterfalls and sandy beaches stretching for miles.


Crossing through the Ambakivao Mangrove Landscape

Solar energy

"Ambakivao Mazava tsy mipoly koa" can be translated as "Lighting in Ambakivao, a step forward".

It became the motto of the local Village Association in gratitude for gaining access to solar electricity. 
The village of Ambakivao has indeed benefited from the initiative "A Barefoot College for Madagascar", a project initiated by WWF. 
Thus, even isolated, this community now enjoys lighting and electricity by solar power.
This article was featured in Prime Magazine June 2018

Useful Information

When to go

The average temperature in the region is 26°C. Ambakivao is accessible all year round, only, you need to check the tide. The best time to go is between May and November. During the crossings, it is advisable to respect local traditions.

How to get there

This destination can only be accessed by waterway. To reach there, take a regular flight of Air Madagascar to Morondava, then continue to Belo. Finally, plan ona 1h 30 speedboat trip from Belo. For more adventure, consider to use a pirogue or a dhow. Operators might also offer a direct round-trip from Morondava.

Where to stay

It is advisable to plan an overnight stayat Ambakivao, which requires camping equipment. Otherwise sleep in Belo and book at the"Karibo".

Where to eat

In Belo, the Hotel-Restaurant Karibo is famous for its seafood specialties. In Ambakivao, the Association of Village Women will welcome you with open arms and they will prepare a good meal for you.

What to see

Spend pleasant moments on the sea beach of Tanambao, near Nosy Maitso, located just minutes from Ambakivao. In October, you can admire the pink flamingos and sacred ibises while egrets crisscross the landscape throughout the year. During your trip on the water, your are going to meet with local men, women and children, as well as passing dhows carrying merchandise.